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Graduation Cakes

Art Deco Graduation Cake

Graduation cake with art deco image.

Band Graduation Cake

Rectangle graduation cake for that band or choir member

Black & Orange Round Cake

Round graduation cake with plastic hat

Blue & Red Graudation Cake

Blue and Red tassel on graduation cap.

Blue Graduation Cake

Light blue graduation cake

Blue Hat Graduation Cake

Square cake with blue graduation cap and diploma.

Books and Graduation Cap Cake

Fondant books and graduation cap cake

Bowling Green Graudation cake

Rectangle cake for that Bowling Green bound student or graduate

Carroll Graduation Cake

Square cake for the Carroll graduate

Dayton Christian Graduation Cake

Gold graduation cake for that Dayton Christian Graduate

Fairmont Graduation Cake

Gold and blue Fairmont Graduation cake

FIDM Graduation Cake

Graduation cake for the FIDM student

Flower Graduation Cake

Rectangle graduation cake with purple and pink flowers

Gold & Black Graduation Cake

Graduation cake with gold and black icing

Graduation Cake with Tiers

Tiered graduation cake with fondant cap

Graduation Present Cake

Graduation cakes shaped like a present with fondant bow

Green & Black Graduation Cake

Square cake with green and black icing

Hawaiian Tiki Graduation Cake

Rectangle graduation cake with Hawaiian theme.

Kentucky Graduation Cake

For that UK Graduate

Monkey Graduation Cake

Even monkey's can graduate from school!

Multiple Square Graduation Cake

Cake with multiple squares of different heights for your graduate

Musical Notes Graduation Cake

Rectangle cake with musical notes and photo.

Nurse / Med School Graduation Cake

Perfect cake for that nursing or medical school graduate

Nurse Graduation Cake

Round cake for that graduate of nursing school, with fondant cap

Ohio State Grad Cake

Sheet cake with scrollwork, message and block "O" in center

Ohio State Graduation

Show that Buckeye, or future Buckeye, just how proud of them you are!

Orange & Black Graduation Cap

Black graduation cap with orange tassel on rectangle cake

Photo Graduation Cake

Add photos of that graduate to their cake

Pink Graduation Cake

Graduation cake with pink icing

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